23 09 2012

Aiden on Christmas morning with a small amount of his gifts.

Trying out his favourite gift.

23w5d pregnant.

Due date picture!

Noah Lucas – born April 16, 2012 – 8lbs 13oz

Noah with me, shortly after birth.

Aiden meeting his brother for the third time.





23 09 2012
  • October 2011 – Aiden celebrated his first birthday. and I forgot this website existed.


  • November 2011 – My parents spent a good majority of the month in Argentina visiting/meeting my Dad’s side of the family. Aiden was supposed to have an MRI, but he was sick so it was re-scheduled.  We found out Aiden was going to have a little brother!


  • December 2011 – Nothing significant comes to mind.  Had a good Christmas, Aiden was spoiled.  Jason’s family came to visit, Aiden got to play with his cousin.  We celebrated Jason’s Dad’s birthday.


  • January 2012 – Jason and I both worked on New Years Day, so Aiden spent the day with my mom.  Again, nothing stands out.


  • February 2012 – We celebrated Valentines Day by having a home-cooked meal.  Other than that, not much happened. Aiden’s cousin turned 2!


  • March 2012 – Aiden was supposed to have an MRI (again!), but he was sick, so it was rescheduled.  Except we weren’t told the appointment couldn’t happen until we were already there.  I turned 25!  I had my LAST DAY OF WORK!


  • April 2012 – April was a crazy month, and I’ll probably do a separate post for it.  Basically, Noah was born.  Aiden adjusted pretty well.  (Mostly.)  I was starving*.


  • May 2012 – My grandmother spent a good chunk of the month in Barrie.  I was still starving*.


  • June 2012 – We were busy packing up our stuff in preparation to move into our new apartment.  (Finally wasn’t always starving*.)  The end of the month, a couple days before we moved, my mom and I took Aiden to SickKids.  He was acting very grumpy, and just… off.  He had a shunt panel done (x-rays) and a CT scan, and they both came back normal, but the CT showed that the shunt was draining TOO well, so they wanted him to stay overnight so they could make sure it was okay.


  • July 2012 – We moved into our new apartment!  Jason’s parents came to visit.  My mom and sister had their birthday.  Jason had his birthday.  We had a crazy heatwave somewhere in there too.


  • August 2012 – Jason and I celebrated our two year anniversary! ❤ Aiden FINALLY got his MRI.  I took the boys to work to meet a few of the girls.


  • September 2012 – MRI results came back saying the exact same thing that the CT and shunt panel said.  It gets cold overnight, and is nice and cool during the day.


And that, in a nutshell, is about it.  I’m planning on uploading some pictures in the next few days, and hopefully I’ll continue updating in a timely fashion.


(* – starving was all breastfeeding related.)

a year!

22 09 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s been just about a year since I updated.  So much has changed since then.

However, it is currently 12:48 in the morning, and I need to go lay in bed and stare at my ceiling.

10 10 2011

I can’t figure out how to get the photo stream/slide show thing to work, so go here to see a bunch of pictures. (And, I can’t figure out why they’re not in order!)

*drum roll*

13 06 2011

This morning, Aiden had his last dose (ever?) of Ranitidine!

It took eight months and five days, but he is officially off all of the medications that he was put on at SickKids.

x z (today’s title brought to you by Aiden.)

11 06 2011

Since seeing the pediatrician last week (or was it the week before?), Aiden has had his six month shots, and has seen the neonatal follow up team at RVH.

The shots didn’t faze him, and the follow up team had only good things to say.  They were impressed with everything he’s learned since they last saw him (at four months), and don’t want to see him again until 12 months.  The only concern they mentioned was that if he’s not crawling by the time he’s 10 months, that they want us to make an appointment with them because they want to make sure that the bleed in his brain didn’t touch/affect anything.  So far, so good.  He’s doing  all of the “pre-crawling” things that babies do, so I think it’s just a matter of time before he figures out how to put all of the steps together and actually crawl.  Right now, he gets frustrated that he can’t get to where he’s trying to go, gives up and rolls.

Aiden tried blackberries for the first time.  I think he liked them.

Aiden met his great-grandparents (on my side) for the first time last weekend.

We’ve introduced Aiden to rice rusks.  (Also known as, “baby crack”.)

Aiden waves for the camera.


pictures! (and a small update.)

27 05 2011

Aiden likes to roll now.

And he likes his vanilla sophie, and his spoon.

Daddy takes fancy up-close pictures of Aiden.


Happy boy!

We went to the pediatrician a couple of days ago.  Aiden weighs 15lbs, 1oz, and is 66cm (26in).  He’s grown to the 10th percentile in height, but is still “tiny” for weight.  She isn’t concerned though, because A) he’s still trying to re-gain what he lost while he was sick, and B) he’s tiny, so it’s to be expected that he is small.  She’s given us the OK to wean his ranitidine, so he’s on half of what he was, and in a few weeks, provided he doesn’t show any signs of the reflux, he won’t have to take that anymore, and all he’ll be on is the vitamins.