29 11 2012

It’s been a while.

Not too long after my last update, Aiden and Noah’s grandmother came to visit for the weekend. She spoiled the boys with lots of presents, and Aiden had a sleep over at the hotel with her.

Not too much else has happened since then. We’ve just been taking it easy.

Aiden had an appointment with his pediatrician on the 13th. He weighed 21lbs, 6oz according to her scale, but I kind of doubt its accuracy, as it was still jumping around a lot when it decided to lock in on his weight. His small gain worries her, so she has put a referral in for us to meet with the GI/Nutrition team at SickKids about a G-tube. I don’t think a g-tube is necessary at this point, but I’m hoping the appointment leaves us with some good tips on how to get him to eat a little more, or some better tips on what to try and get him to eat as our current recommendation is to load on the butter, cream, milk, cheese, or anything else that is calorie dense. We don’t see them until February, so hopefully we can get a significant gain between now and then, and the g-tube can definitely be spared.

Tonight, out of curiosity, I weighed both of the boys at my parents house using the bucket car seat, and a luggage scale. According to that, Aiden weighs ~24 pounds, and Noah weighs ~21 pounds. Looks like Noah will be getting a brand new car seat for Christmas, as his bucket seat is only good until 22 pounds.

I don’t know about Aiden’s weight. Obviously, weighing him like that is just an estimate, but it almost seems like it could be accurate? We’ll have to get him weighed on an actual scale sometime soon. He has definitely gained since his appointment, but I don’t know if he’s gained 13% of his body weight. He doesn’t look any bigger, but he feels much more solid and heavier.

How about some pictures?

That’s all for now.  I have more that need to be uploaded onto the computer.

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CDH Clinic

16 10 2012

We were at SickKids this morning for Aiden’s two year(!) follow up appointment.

Anatomically, Aiden is perfect.  His x-rays were perfect, his shunt placement is perfect, his lungs were perfect, his stomach was perfect.  When we went up to see Dr. Chiu, she said his lungs were crystal clear and sounded amazing.  We go back next year to make sure things are still perfect. (Unless if he shows signs of re-herniation.)  He was measured (80cm) and weighed (21lbs, 12oz), but I’m thinking his measurements were done incorrectly (either today, or on the 3rd, because I doubt he grew 2.5cm and gained just over a pound in 13 days.)

Dr. Chiu thinks that it is unacceptable to have to wait 10 – 14 months to see the speech and language therapists (which, it is!) so she is going to send an urgent request to the Infant Development program at SickKids, and hopefully we can get him in there much sooner.  She said that the assessment is usually done within two months, and then it goes from there, so I’m hopeful that we’ll get in sooner rather than later.

In other news, somebody is six months old today!


10 10 2012

Here’s a couple of pictures from the last couple of days.

Aiden likes to sit all dainty now.  (And take his own pictures.)

This is what Noah thinks of Thanksgiving.

Noah, watching Toy Story for the first time.

Birthday boy, on his birthday.  (He was minutes away from a nap, hence the cross-eyed look.)

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday to Aiden and Noah’s cousin Valencia.


8 10 2012

I officially have a two year old.

Aiden Joseph was born at 9:37pm on Friday, October 8, 2010 at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto.  He was stabilized, and transferred to SickKids around 1:30am on Saturday morning.  We celebrated his birthday this afternoon with my family, opened presents and had cake. Once we got home, we spent some time on Skype with Aiden’s memere and pepere, and then with his matante and cousin Adella.

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a ton of veggies.  Dessert was …weird. My mom and sister tried a new pumpkin puree recipe, and it wasn’t quite what I was expecting it to be.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  I’ll post pictures once I get some from my parents, as I completely gapped and forgot mine at home (twice!)

Check up!

3 10 2012

Aiden and Noah went in for their check ups today.  It was a very long morning.  Our appointment was at 12:15, but we didn’t get taken in until about 1:30.  Then, because they had immunizations, we had to wait 15 minutes after they gave them to make sure there was no reaction, so we didn’t get to leave until almost 2:30.

Aiden is 77cm tall, weighs 20lbs 14oz, and his head circumference is 49.1cms.

Noah is 63.5cm long, weighs 18lbs 8oz, and his head circumference is 44cms.

We’re going to be in the market for a new car seat for Noah soon.  His bucket only goes up to 22 pounds, and while I doubt he’s going to gain four pounds in the next month or two, I want to be prepared.

World Breastfeeding Challenge 2012

29 09 2012

Noah and I participated in the World Breastfeeding Challenge earlier today.  According to the official website, there were 59 participants at the Barrie location.

Way to go, mamas!

More Pictures

23 09 2012