29 11 2012

It’s been a while.

Not too long after my last update, Aiden and Noah’s grandmother came to visit for the weekend. She spoiled the boys with lots of presents, and Aiden had a sleep over at the hotel with her.

Not too much else has happened since then. We’ve just been taking it easy.

Aiden had an appointment with his pediatrician on the 13th. He weighed 21lbs, 6oz according to her scale, but I kind of doubt its accuracy, as it was still jumping around a lot when it decided to lock in on his weight. His small gain worries her, so she has put a referral in for us to meet with the GI/Nutrition team at SickKids about a G-tube. I don’t think a g-tube is necessary at this point, but I’m hoping the appointment leaves us with some good tips on how to get him to eat a little more, or some better tips on what to try and get him to eat as our current recommendation is to load on the butter, cream, milk, cheese, or anything else that is calorie dense. We don’t see them until February, so hopefully we can get a significant gain between now and then, and the g-tube can definitely be spared.

Tonight, out of curiosity, I weighed both of the boys at my parents house using the bucket car seat, and a luggage scale. According to that, Aiden weighs ~24 pounds, and Noah weighs ~21 pounds. Looks like Noah will be getting a brand new car seat for Christmas, as his bucket seat is only good until 22 pounds.

I don’t know about Aiden’s weight. Obviously, weighing him like that is just an estimate, but it almost seems like it could be accurate? We’ll have to get him weighed on an actual scale sometime soon. He has definitely gained since his appointment, but I don’t know if he’s gained 13% of his body weight. He doesn’t look any bigger, but he feels much more solid and heavier.

How about some pictures?

That’s all for now.  I have more that need to be uploaded onto the computer.

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