CDH Clinic

16 10 2012

We were at SickKids this morning for Aiden’s two year(!) follow up appointment.

Anatomically, Aiden is perfect.  His x-rays were perfect, his shunt placement is perfect, his lungs were perfect, his stomach was perfect.  When we went up to see Dr. Chiu, she said his lungs were crystal clear and sounded amazing.  We go back next year to make sure things are still perfect. (Unless if he shows signs of re-herniation.)  He was measured (80cm) and weighed (21lbs, 12oz), but I’m thinking his measurements were done incorrectly (either today, or on the 3rd, because I doubt he grew 2.5cm and gained just over a pound in 13 days.)

Dr. Chiu thinks that it is unacceptable to have to wait 10 – 14 months to see the speech and language therapists (which, it is!) so she is going to send an urgent request to the Infant Development program at SickKids, and hopefully we can get him in there much sooner.  She said that the assessment is usually done within two months, and then it goes from there, so I’m hopeful that we’ll get in sooner rather than later.

In other news, somebody is six months old today!




One response

17 10 2012

That is awesome news!!! His lungs were crystal clear! Really hope that his wait time will be reduced.

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