2 05 2011

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.

Saturday night, we came and picked up the keys from the landlord. We were planning on coming in and cleaning, but the previous tenants left it very clean. (Albeit, a lot smelly… We’re pretty sure they sprayed a can or three of lysol in their wake.)

Sunday morning, we started packing up the car and my parents truck and headed over. Majority of the boxes made it over in that first trip, then the furniture, and then a couple trips for any miscellaneous items. There are still a few of Aiden’s things left at my parents house, but other than that, we’re fully moved. (Unpacked? That’s another story.)

Last night, we went to the staff swim at work. Aiden was NOT a fan, at first, but within about 10 minutes, he was swimming and putting his face in the water. Once we were done there, we headed back to Barrie, and stopped for a bite to eat and then came home. We sat and relaxed for a bit, and then headed to bed.

This morning, I unpacked the kitchen stuff and then we headed to Metro for some groceries. Aiden hung out in his mei tai while we shopped and napped between looking around and taking everything in. (If I can figure out how to add pictures to the post, I’ll add one at the end.)

Tonight, we’re headed back to my parents place for supper, and then home to figure out how to get Aiden’s crib into the bedroom… It fit through every door, except for the last one.

Posting on the move with my BlackBerry!




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