2 02 2011

I think I should look into taking some sort of “blog writing” class.  I never know what to write about; our lives are pretty mundane.

We took Aiden to his neonatal follow-up appointment on Tuesday.  There was an RN, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, nursing student, and a physiotherapist there to see him and assess if he needs any “extra help” as far as their specialties go.  They were all super impressed with him, and all of his accomplishments.  He’s doing quite a bit of stuff that other 4 month old babies are doing, and the only suggestion they had was to make sure he gets lots of tummy time, and to hold him a certain way so that his shoulders are pulled forward, so that it’s easier for him to bring his hands together/swipe at toys above him.

Next week, he has to go for a follow-up hearing test.  We have to keep him asleep throughout the whole hour long test.  This should be interesting…




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