20 11 2010

It’s been a while, and right now I don’t have the energy to update on everything, so I leave you with bullet points.

  • The PICC line insertion took longer than the hernia repair. It was supposed to take 30-60 minutes, but the little man has little veins, so it took longer. Two hours longer.
  • We started breastfeeding. He LOVES it. (To the point of getting angry at us for not understanding the mechanics of it when we tried to feed him a bottle. He kept opening his mouth super-wide, and trying to latch onto Daddy’s shirt.)
  • About a week-ish after being moved onto the general pediatric floor, he was moved out of the observation room (four patients) and into a private room.
  • We were able to take the little man for a couple of walks around the 7C unit. (He slept through about 99.9% of them.)
  • Yesterday, November 19th, the transfer coordinator came into the room saying that RVH had a bed, and they were looking at transferring him on Monday. Two minutes later, the nurse came in saying that we should pack everything up, because once transport was finalized, we would be on our way.
  • Jason stayed in Toronto and cleaned/packed like a madman at the Ronald McDonald House, and tied up loose ends with them. My parents went down there after supper last night and picked him up.




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