It’s been a busy few days

31 10 2010

Well, Aiden sure does keep us on our toes.

Wednesday morning, he had a seizure. It was completely unexpected, and had the doctors and nurses confused as to why it happened. So, since then he’s undergone just about every test known to man, with the results all coming back negative. Finally, it showed up that one of his IV’s had an infection in it. The next morning, after more results had come back, it was determined that it wasn’t the IV that had the infection in it, the infection was in his blood stream. Neurologists came in and looked him over and he had an EEG done, which came back clear. After that, the doctors did a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to make sure that it wasn’t meningitis-related and to make sure it wasn’t in his spinal fluid. Thankfully, that test came back negative.

Then, he had a CT scan done to make sure that the infection hadn’t spread to his brain, and to rule out a couple of other reasons for why it could have happened. The CT scan showed no infection in the brain, but did show some spots that had blood where they weren’t expecting to find it. They ordered an MRI to get a better picture of what was going on. Because of his condition, and how people react to anesthetics, the MRI technician and the anesthetist felt it would be for the best to re-intubate him, because they were afraid that once they anesthetized him, he would stop breathing. The MRI was done, and he slept for the rest of the night.

Yesterday morning, he woke up and realised that he had a tube down his throat. He was PISSED. He started crying, and got so upset that he started turning red, then purple and finally blue. We got him calmed down, bathed him, and then he spent the rest of the day sleeping. He woke up mid-afternoon and started grabbing for the tube, and was finally extubated last night around ten.

The MRI results showed what the CT scan had showed. There were spots of blood in the middle of his brain. At this point, the doctors don’t seem concerned and have explained that they are going to keep an eye on it because it could settle and go away on it’s own, which is what we’re hoping happens, or it could settle and block the drainage path for the other fluids to pass. If the latter happens, they will bring in the Neurologist again and it may require surgery to have it drained. But, they’ve stressed that it is not something we should be concerned with at the moment because it doesn’t seem to be affecting him in any way, and to concentrate on the fact that he’s happy, healthy and having great days.

Today, he’s been grumpy but otherwise rock solid. We were able to hold him for a few hours today, and it seems like that’s about the only thing that calms him down once he starts getting himself worked up. He’ll be completely weaned off the Morphine sometime over the night, and then tomorrow the plan is to have him moved upstairs, provided there’s a room available and he stays this stable.

Happy Halloween!




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