23 10 2010

The little man had a big day yesterday. The surgeons finally deemed him fit to proceed with the surgery, so he went in at 2:30, and was out by 4:30. The surgery itself only took an hour, which surprised everyone. (We had been told to expect it to go until “around 6:00″, so when the surgeon came out that soon, we were expecting her to tell us that they’d been delayed and were just starting now, or that they’d encountered one of the problems that she’d mentioned earlier and it was going to take longer than originally anticipated.)
Everything went well, they didn’t encounter anything they weren’t expecting to see, and they were able to repair it using the existing diaphragm wall, rather than having to put in a patch of Gortex, so that was a huge relief. Not only are his chances of re-herniation a lot lower, but now there’s a much less risk of infection and we likely won’t have to come for quite as many follow up appointments.

He was put back on the oscillation ventilator after the surgery, because his carbon dioxide levels were coming back a little high. But, the doctors are talking about switching him back onto the conventional ventilator sometime this afternoon, provided his blood work continues coming back “perfect”.

The next step is starting him on some “real” food. So far, his diet has consisted of a bag of “hamster food” (some concoction of vitamins and minerals and etc.) and “hamster fat” (lipids), so here’s to hoping his body doesn’t reject the breast milk, because one of his requirements of being able to come home is “sufficiently eating and gaining weight”. And, here’s to hoping that he catches on the mechanics of feeding quickly because the fact that we have to replace his feeding tube, should he pull it out, creeps me right out.

They kept him sedated and muscle relaxed overnight, but stopped that this morning. So, he’s been slowly waking up. He’s still keeping his eyes closed, but he’s been moving and responding to touch for most of the day. He’s tried opening his eyes a couple of times, but it looks like he’s still a little too out of it. (Maybe tomorrow.) I stand corrected — Jason just came out of the room saying that he’s awake. Yay!

Other than that, he’s been doing well. He’s happy when he’s left alone and not messed with, and he likes blowing (spit) bubbles.

Relaxing before the surgery. (Notice the conventional ventilator in the background!)

“Wrapped up like a burrito.”




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