Welcome to the world, Aiden Joseph

8 10 2010

Aiden Joseph was welcomed into the world on Friday, October 8th, 2010 at 9:37pm via cesarean section after 24 hours of labour. He was too unstable to get “official” measurements, but he estimated to be 7lbs, 7oz and “20-ish” inches long.

At my 40 week appointment, I was showing no signs of being ready to go into labour on my own, and my ultrasound was showing that Aiden had “stopped growing”, so the doctor decided to book an induction for the next week. The next day, his office called back and let me know that it was scheduled for the next Thursday, October 7th, at 4:00pm. I arrived at the hospital early, got checked in and headed up to the labour and delivery floor. I got settled into a labour room, and waited. The doctor finally came in at 8:30 to start the process. After a couple of hours, I still wasn’t feeling anything so they moved me to another room to sleep for the night and they would start again the next morning.

I woke up around 3:00am because I was having constant contractions. I tried timing them, but they were too on top of each other to be able to distinguish them. I finally called the nurse, and was moved back into another (MUCH nicer) labour room. A doctor came in to check me, and break my water just after 5:00am, and I finally requested an epidural around 7:00am. Between doctor’s and nurses coming in to check on me, I spent majority of my day sleeping. Around 6:00pm, a doctor came in to check me again and said that if I wasn’t any further dilated, then he was going to strongly recommend a cesarean. He checked, and apologized. I was still just between 2 and 3 centimeters dilated. He said that the cesarean was a good idea at that point because neither of us were in distress, and once labour has hit the 24 hour mark it can cause distress to the mom or the baby, so they wanted him out before that started happening because his birth was going to be difficult anyway.

They brought me over to the operating room around 8:30 to get me prepped and to top up my epidural for the surgery. Jason decided to wait in the waiting room for me, as he figured he would pass out and be in the way, so my mom came in the room with me. The feeling of the cesarean was weird, because one of the doctors was telling me what they were doing, but all I could feel was pressure. Finally, he said that they were going to be pulling Aiden out, and I would feel a lot of pressure on my chest. It felt like they were rocking me, and then I heard a squawk of protest. They wrapped him in a blanket and quickly brought him up to my face so I could see him, then they brought him into the next room to start stabilizing him to be transferred to SickKids.

I was given Gravol after the surgery, so I don’t remember much after it. We asked if Jason could see him before being transferred. It took a couple of hours, but they finally brought both of us over to the room that he was in so we could see him. We got a couple of pictures, and then we were brought back to the recovery room. Not too long after that, they were ready to transfer him, so we were brought over to the hallway that they were going to go down so that we could say good-bye, and so that our parents could see him, but he was too unstable and the battery pack on the transfer unit was too short to be able to stop.

He was admitted to SickKids around 1:30 Saturday morning, and within 20-30 minutes of being here, the doctors had him stable and pink.

Waiting for him to be born. (Clearly post epidural.)

Daddy with Aiden.

Mommy with Aiden.






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